Onyx is often mistaken for marble yet it is an entirely different type of stone.  Onyx is a sedimentary rock that is formed as stalactites and stalagmites in cave interiors. This formation method results in a crystalline basis for the rock construction   It is the size and uniformity of the crystals that provide the translucent property of most onyx stone.

Onyx stunning physical qualities have made it one of the more popular stones on the market. Because of its translucence, it is perfect for creating countertops with under lighting such as within a sophisticated bar setting.  The range of onyx counter top colors vary widely making onyx a great match for virtually any environment.

Onyx – Care and Maintenance

Onyx is a less dense stone and is more vulnerable to chemicals and abrasives than granite, engineered stone or even marble. Maintaining the beauty of onyx countertops requires more care than is needed with a granite or engineered stone since onyx can stain and scratch easily.  Onyx counters should be sealed regularly to maintain their integrity.

BR Stone for South Florida Onyx Countertops

BR Stone is South Florida’s trusted source for onyx slabs.  We purchase our onyx direct from its source and are able to offer our clients wholesale pricing on onyx, granite, marble and a wide range of semi-precious stone.   The best selection, the best quality and the best prices are yours at BR Stone.

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